“The Sea Horse” (1934) - Jean Painlevé


“The Sea Horse” (1934) - Jean Painlevé

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"Love has nothing to do with who stayed the longest. It’s about who kept you together when you felt like falling apart."
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ART: Sunsets Viewed Through Shattered Mirrors by Bing Wright

Photographer Bing Wright‘s newest project, Broken Mirror/Evening Sky, is a series of images that capture the reflections of sunsets on shattered mirrors.

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This is just one of the best Friends moments oh my god.



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Tired Eyes - Crooks

Now hope seems so far away,
Am I the coward you became?
I am hollow and it shows,
And I swear that I’m not coming home.

Distance fills the space between,
Our fingers used to fit so perfect,
But I have cuts on my hands,
And I don’t want to remember you as you are now to me.

I can only hope, and swear that I’m not coming home.
The feel, of the water reminds me,
Your tears don’t taste of salt.
Your bitter soul.
The fear in your eyes is blinding,
It cuts through the cracks in your soul.

I waited, just in case you walked by,
I could have caught your eye that evening.
The snow, the snow fell hard that day,
But I couldn’t care if I tried,
I wont forget that.

I won’t, forget…

I swear that its so,
I pray that I don’t make it home,
I swear that I wont make it home,
I won’t forget that.

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